PTCL – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited(PTCL) is the immense unify communication network. PTCL was launched in the same year as the independence of Pakistan in 1947 . PTCL is considered the pillar of domestic communication technology, as it holds various information and data for millions of clients. PTCL is one of the primary internet service with high-speed internet association in Pakistan. Furthermore, it keeps 2000 telephone exchanges in the whole country, which are also admit as the data centres.


PTCL supply ample number of services such as Wireless Internet( EVO Charji, Wingle ), fixed line phones, Broadband and other valuable added applications like Smart TV app , Touch app , smart link app, and world class digital content like iflix,icflix and Netflix.


In 2006, when the Pervaiz Musharif rule the privatization of 26% shares sold to UAE telecom giant Etisalat telecommunication in 2.6 billion , at thet time PTCL was a state owned company. Govt of Pakistan own 62% shares and the other 12% was owned by the general public, as now PTCL is register company in Karachi Stock Exchange(KSE). 


After pravitization and dismiss of old workers PTCL hold the outsourcing ideas for their different services. Like recruitments, presently, traders are known as ASK Development , E-square. For providing different workers to PTCL the private Human Resources were appointed, these private companies hire employees for PTCL. These workers are not  considered the employees of PTCL but they work for PTCL, beacuse their salaries came from traders not directly through PTCL. Nowadays these traders have mutual agreements for human services. 

As a result, PTCL saves lots of recruitment , money and time by this custom that any company has to bear during this process. 


In this modern era, everything is technology driven and connected with internet synergy. PTCL focuses more on advances services from recent years to match the competitive market of internet.  With the advanced technology of mobile phones, landline phones is considered as hopeless communication tool, to seeing this thing PTCL focus more on value-added services.

PTCL has introduced advanced service of SMART TV through their phone lines that allows user to watch more than hundred of crystal clear channels.  SMART TV services permit users to pause , rewind and record live streaming.  Moreover, PTCL customers enjoy a trio of Broadband, Smart TV, telephone collectively through one PTCL connection.

PTCL which now has to challenge the penetration of 3g/ 4g data services of Pakistan . Ptcl speed test determine the best speed in Pakistan. As internet services are the main foundation of return for PTCL, seeing all the telecom operators are now offering cheap packages of 3G/4G data. Its high time for PTCL to come up with more productive services to retain the market position of internet services in Pakistan.

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