PTCL Internet Packages


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited(PTCL)is the “57th” largest Telephone Operating Company. PTCL Broadband Service is the greatest and rapid growing service in Pakistan, that gives you impressive internet speed. PTCL provided highly customisable internet packages.PTCL Broadband packages and offers allow users to enjoy live streaming ,downloading large files quickly and a stable online gaming experience. 

PTCL Broadband Starter Packages:

PTCL give highly reliable starter packages with high-speed internet. These packages are cost-effective and approachable that permit user to download data at high speed.

  • Pitch 2 Mbps starter (this package offer 2 Mbps internet connection, 25GB volume)
  • Pitch 5 Mbps starter (this package offer 5 Mbps internet connection, 60GB volume)

PTCL Unlimited Internet:

PTCL internet packages are divided into various “Speeds”or “Mbps” great speed ranging between “10Mbps” to “100Mbps”. Higher Mbps will result in a faster connection, but at lower speeds, you will find more affordable rates. PTCL offers unlimited “Bandwidth”  with “Fiber Optic” connectivity. 

  • 1 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 1Mbps internet connection)
  • 2 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 2Mbps internet connection)
  • 6 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 6Mbps internet connection)
  • 10 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 10Mbps internet connection)
  • 20 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 20Mbps internet connection)
  • 50 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 50Mbps internet connection)
  • 100 Mbps ( unlimited volume and 100Mbps internet connection)

PTCL Lagataar Offer: 

  • Unlimited On-Net calls ( PTCL-PTCL) 
  • Unlimited calls PTCL to Ufone ( PTCL-UFONE) 
  • 500 minutes to other networks ( PTCL-Other Networks)
  • 100 international minutes (PTCL-International) 

 PTCL EVO-3G Wingle:

3G-EVO Wingle is first Pakistani’s USB having Wi-Fi that connects to multiple Wi-Fi devices at the same time. You can connect your EVO Wingle to your laptop, desktop or any other USB port that you wants. 3G-EVO Wingle gives many cost-effective packages to their customers.

  • 5GB starter package (prepaid/postpaid) 
  • 10GB ( prepaid/postpaid)
  • 15GB ( prepaid/postpaid)
  • 25GB ( prepaid/postpaid)

EVO-3G Nitro Cloud:

In the Nitro-cloud series, Nitro-cloud share is the latest Wi-Fi hotspot device. It provide high speed 3G internet hotspot to the multiple devices. Nitro cloud allows user to enjoy high speed internet packages.

  • 5GB starter packages (prepaid/postpaid)
  • 10GB (prepaid/postpaid)
  • 15GB (prepaid/postpaid)
  • 25GB (prepaid/postpaid

PTCL Internet packages allow their customers to enjoy unlimited high speed internet in each and every day that depends on the user need. Additionally, its services are highly flexible.

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