Best Indoor games that require No Internet

Playing is good for health either it is indoor or outdoor. It always helps to boost mental and physical health. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination and emotional strength. The development of science and technology has changed form of games. The traditional games like hide and seek, running, cricket, football, badminton etc has been replaced by the online video games.

The purpose of playing games is to get relief from the boredom of study or hectic routine of work. But now a days games itself has become a pressure. Students play online video games because they are consider more modern. Initially , students play online video games to relieve the fatigue due to studying at school , but now , they are becoming addicted and can’t stop playing it. 

Internet came into being in 1983. From then people started playing online games and replaced traditional games which do not involved any physical activities, may be harmful for children or teenage . The addiction of online games is harmful for mental health of children. The physical and mental growth may be affected by the online games. But nowadays it has become the need of this genre to engage your child in the good activity.

We should discard this practice and help them to get physical and mental health. Parents should encourage their children to play physical games I.e hide and seek , football, cricket etc. these games can help children to get physical health . Dice and carom board are the games in which our cognition is also involved . Children not only play and do fun rather they also use their cognitive abilities.

Musical chair is best game which involve physical activity . Children can get not only fun rather physical health also . Marshmallow , tinker toys is a game in which a bag go marshmallows and some thin sticks are all you need to built the perfect puffy pal, a 3D house or any other thing. Children simply can create his own master piece with marshmallows . By playing this games a child creativity can be developed . Family photo bingo is also a fun game , you can improve your Child’s memory and help him in learning new things . 

Internet always not available at all places or areas. Speedput helps you to test your ptcl speed test to determine.

The major benefit of all above mention games is that, child may have more and more time to spent with family and friends . All family may involve in these games and can have great family time, fun and learning. you can improve your child’s mental and physical growth and also bring them out from the bad addiction by playing these games. 

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